Why do the prices change?

Our prices are sometimes changed on a daily basis, the price you pay will be the price of the item on the day that you place your order. 


How do I return a wrongly ordered part?

Our return/refund policy states that we will refund or replace faulty goods with no administration or carriage charge. However goods that have been ordered in error and are not found to be faulty will incur a restocking charge of 15% + Carriage (if applicable) +  VAT   


Do you offer international delivery?

We do offer international delivery, if you need international delivery then please email us or call us with the products you would like to order and where in the world you want your order sent to you and we will get back to you with a quote.


I don’t have a PayPal account, how do I pay for my order?

You can still shop online without having a PayPal account, simply put your order through and when you click onto ‘Checkout with PayPal’ it will then take you to the next page where there will be an option on the bottom right hand side to pay by credit/debit card.


My order hasn’t arrived, where is it?

On checkout you will be given an estimated delivery date, we try our best to get our orders sent out within 3 days if you haven’t received your order after 7 working days don’t hesitate to contact us and we will track your order for you.

To prevent further delays for your order please ensure that you have provided a correct, full address, postcode and also a contact number. We will only use your number to contact you regarding your order if we need to.

No details will be passed to any third parties.


The VAT has appeared twice at checkout

Due to the way the checkout is displayed on our website it can be made to look like the VAT has been applied twice, it hasn’t, this is something we are looking to get fixed as soon as possible as it is not made clear. The VAT is added on to each line total and then your subtotal at the bottom is not including the VAT, the VAT is then added on to the subtotal. If you add the line totals together it will total the Gross total after VAT. Please accept our apologies for the way this is displayed at present but it is something we are looking to get fixed as soon as we can.